Bonyan Consultant have been commissioned on 2nd August 2003 by the Ministry of  Public Works / Special Projects Administration (MPW / SPA) of Government of Kuwait to undertake Study, Design and Supervise Construction of Al - Eqella Neighborhood Center. The Contract has been signed on 15th June 2004.

Bonyan Design thanks the MPW in particularly Architectural department in MPW and the Administration of structural engineering projects of MPW.

The Summary Report highlights the main planning and Architectural philosophies that inspired the designs, we have pursed in search of expressing the MPW's mission.

The site for the new building is positioned in the South East of Kuwait City in Al - Eqella location.

Site Location :

The project site is located on South 7th Ring Motorway and Al-Fahaheel highway road to the East, in addition the site is connected to KSA highway on the west.
The area of Al- Eqella contain 4 plots, the project site is located on the East side, particularly in Plot No. 2.
The site extends are approximately 355 m from North to South and 200 m from East to West and the Total Plot Area is (70970 m2). The predominant site frontage is located along East Al Eqella Road on East side and along local road on West side. The roads surrounding the site are generally well traveled.  From a view point of visibility, the site is located in a prominent urban location.

Master Plan

The objective of Al - Eqella Neighborhood Center project consists of number of elements expected to be in the group needed in a complete tender: Supermarket, Social Unit, Shops, Post office, Police Station, Municipality Building, Social Development Center, Courtyard, Landscape and Parking.

The main tasks of the master plan:

  • Facilities to access the site and good circulation for cars and pedestrians.
  • Respect of the Urban Context and the Good Insertion of the project in the Zone.
  • Respect of the environmental and human conditions including handicaps.
  • Assure good social contacts between all the visitors of the project and make sure that everyone has to be welcomed in a lovely way.
  • Adoption of all local climatic conditions of the State of Kuwait.
  • Respect of all Social and Cultural Conditions of the State of Kuwait and try to protect and keep all the local values.
  • Give a big importance for landscaping where the building becomes a crossroads for meetings and a good place to pass good times and interaction with the peoples.

The master plan has been studied with the following elements:

a.    Functional Relationship
b.    Circulation and access
c.    Future expansion

a.  Functional Relationship for all the buildings of the projects :
All the plans of the functional relationships between all the users of all the parts of the project clear the needs of every single part of the project the thing that helped the team studying these projects to detail a good diagram for all functional relationships. Thanks for this step, a main plan was decided and approved with high quality for the general site.

b.  Circulation and access :
The parking is provided in a way to ease the circulation for all buildings. The entire Neighborhood Center is Handicapped accessible. Traffic study had  been conducted to determine the required parking. 1197 car parks available underground and ground floor.

c.  Future expansion :
The future expansion is provided, especially in the South side of Landscape area. The buildings are provided with Banks, Mosques, and Restaurants. The Total Area for the future expansion is (2200m2).

Concept Design Philosophy :
The architectural Design of Al-Eqella Neighborhood Center intends to communicate the aim of a Community Center. It is intended to be a welcome place.

The Master Plan for this Neighborhood Center represents traditional Middle Eastern planning. Concepts based largely on the local climatic and cultural conditions of Kuwait. It is thus intended to preserve local traditional values.

The design teams held extensive interviews with each user group and generated a series of functional adjacency diagrams, which highlighted each group's distinct circulation needs. The diagram allowed the design team to effectively position individual program components to respond to contextual relationships and internal adjacency requirements which resulted as an extremely efficient Master Plan.

The building organization allows direct, efficient circulation between program elements when required. Public parking is provided all around at convenient location.

The interior finishes are generally neutral in color and texture and have been selected for their durability and general ease of maintenance. In general, harder finishes have been reserved for public areas and primary circulation zones.

All the Functional Relationships are well developed around the public garden or courtyard making of it the heart of the concept design philosophy where all these greed lands help for the good meeting and for the good interaction of all the people, visitor's clients coming from all the different sides of the project and the functional relationships surrounding the garden.

As well these green lands help to resolve either environmental problems as well as noise. It gives nice looking and good feeling and it helps the easy access for all handicaps to all the parts of the project. Good Circulation for all the cars surrounding the buildings is provided as well as parking.

Main Elements of the Project :

The Neighborhood Center consists of number of elements expected to be in the group needed in a complete center:
Supermarket and Retail Shops        -    12459 m2
Municipality Center                      -    1319 m2
Post Office                                  -    461 m2
Social Units                                  -   1365 m2
Social Development Center             -    6907 m2
Police Station                               -    5406 m2
Coffee shops and
    Landscape area                         -    34429 m2

In addition, to the above said landscape elements, walkways, gardens, children playing areas, car parks supported by main services such as infrastructure, electrical substation, HVAC services and water tanks also from the part of the center.